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Is Your Automatic Transmission Working Correctly?


It is undeniable that cars with an automatic transmission have become increasingly popular, as automatic transmissions are far superior in terms of the power they provide and how accurately they shift between gears. They are also generally simpler to operate, more comfortable and hold a better resale value. Automatic transmissions are by far the most [...]

Is Your Automatic Transmission Working Correctly?2020-08-04T09:54:45+00:00

Slipping Automatic Transmission Problems


Automatic transmissions should be smooth when engaging and when the gear selector is placed into drive it should feel firm. If there is a reluctance for the transmission to engage when in drive there could be a problem. The same is true if the transmission slips or flares during upshift or slips when driving. The [...]

Slipping Automatic Transmission Problems2020-08-04T09:57:54+00:00
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