Frequently Asked Questions

Enduro Gearbox Centre is a renowned Mercedes-Benz gearbox repair centre. Our services include, gearbox repairs, complete gearbox overhauls, transmissions control modules and so much more!

We specialise in both Mercedes-Benz automatic transmissions as well as their manual counterparts.

Find the answer to your transmission questions below.

Do you repair Mercedes-Benz gear selector modules?

Yes, we do. In addition, all the Mercedes-Benz gear selector modules we repair carry a one-year unlimited mileage warranty.

What is causing my Mercedes-Benz transmission to be stuck in one gear?

There could be a few reasons for this. Please find more information here.

How often should I have my Mercedes-Benz gearbox serviced?

The recommended service interval for a Mercedes-Benz gearbox sump is every 60 000 km.

Do you charge for Mercedes-Benz diagnostics?

Initial diagnostics are free of charge.

Why is my Mercedes-Benz gearbox not changing gears?

This might be the result of “limp mode”. You can read more about this here.

Why does my Mercedes-Benz gear lever not move?

There may be several reasons for this. We recommend comprehensive diagnostics.

Why does a transmission error appear on my Mercedes-Benz dashboard?

There may be several reasons for this. We recommend comprehensive diagnostics.

Do you have Mercedes-Benz reconditioned gearboxes in stock?

Yes, we do. All our reconditioned Mercedes-Benz gearboxes carry a one-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Can you repair Mercedes-Benz transmission control modules?

We stock fully reconditioned Mercedes-Benz transmission control modules on exchange.

Are you RMI/MIWA approved?

Yes, proudly so.

Do you deal with extended warranty companies?

Yes, we are affiliated with most extended warranty companies.

Why does my Mercedes-Benz have a harsh gear engagement in drive or reverse?

This might be the result of “limp mode”. We recommend comprehensive diagnostics.

Can a gearbox problem cause a Mercedes-Benz to shudder?

Yes, but more often, Mercedes-Benz gearbox shudders result from a faulty torque converter.

Why is my Mercedes-Benz ML series making a loud noise when accelerating from a standstill?

Loud noises are usually caused by a faulty transfer case.

Can a Mercedes-Benz gear lever cause limp mode?

Yes, that is one probable cause. We recommend comprehensive diagnostics.

Do you repair Mercedes-Benz dual-clutch transmissions?

Yes, we are distinguished for our expertise in Mercedes-Benz dual-clutch transmissions.

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