Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Services

Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Services

When dealing with Mercedes- Benz transmission problems it is always advisable to start with diagnostics to accurately determine whether the fault lies with any of the mechanical transmission components or is being caused by electronic issues.

Enduro Gearbox Centre is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to do just that!

Automatic transmissions are by far the most complex component in any vehicle. These transmissions are made up of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems as well as a network of control modules, which work in perfect harmony and go virtually unnoticed until you experience an automatic transmission problem.

Professional diagnostics play a crucial role in determining the exact cause of various Mercedes-Benz transmission problems, particularly in vehicles with electronic controlled transmissions.

Our cutting-edge Mercedes-Benz diagnostic services are a combination of man and machine!

Specialised diagnostic equipment that can read fault codes from the various control modules is connected to your vehicle and produces one or many fault codes. Our highly experienced technicians will then interpret these codes to accurately determine where the Mercedes-Benz transmission problem lies.

Once the transmission problem has been identified, it can be investigated and corrected.

Enduro Gearbox Centre

Mercedes-Benz automatic transmissions are complex and intricate and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when you experience transmission problems. However with our extensive experience and knowledge we have honed our skills, so as to easily identify any Mercedes-Benz transmission problem.

To ensure your vehicle’s well-being –and yours, trust our experts to diagnose your transmission problems accurately.