Mercedes-Benz Transmission Control Modules

Enduro Gearbox Centre specialises in the supply and fitment of new and reconditioned Mercedes-Benz transmission control modules. This includes coding.

Most modern Mercedes-Benz transmissions are electronically controlled and reliant on computers. Mercedes-Benz transmission control modules are the brain of your automatic transmission and gather data from input sensors, as well as various other control modules within your vehicle. The data from the Mercedes-Benz transmission control modules in turn commands solenoids to control the hydraulic pressure to accomplish optimum shift quality, transmission performance, and fuel economy.

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Signs of a failing transmission control module

Although Mercedes-Benz components are built to the highest quality, heat fluctuation, voltage overload or underload, water, vibrations, and thermal stress can cause your Mercedes-Benz transmission control module to fail.

The most common symptom that indicates Mercedes-Benz transmission control module failure is limp mode – a safety feature specifically designed to detect irregular signals that are not within the computer’s programmed specifications. This feature will disable your Mercedes-Benz transmission’s ability to shift gears and cause it to default to a single usable gear to protect further damage to your transmission.

When dealing with transmission shifting problems like limp mode, it is always advisable to start with diagnostics to determine whether the issue is mechanical or electronic so the transmission problem can be correctly addressed.

Other common signs of a faulty Mercedes-Benz transmission control module include:

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Mercedes-Benz transmission control modules repairs

Due to the complexity of electronically controlled automatic transmissions, it takes a fair amount of expertise to diagnose the problem, using specialised diagnostic equipment that can read transmission codes. These codes indicate whether the transmission malfunction has been caused by a mechanical or electronic failure.

Invariably, electronic failure could lie with faulty electronics such as speed sensors, solenoids and selector sensors, or with the internal circuitry of the transmission control module itself.