Mercedes-Benz Torque Converters

Enduro Gearbox Centre stocks fully reconditioned Mercedes-Benz torque converters at a fraction of the price of a new one.

Torque converters are key to most Mercedes-Benz automatic transmissions as this component converts torque from the engine to the transmission.

Mercedes-Benz torque converters are seldom thought about by drivers, despite this component being the driving force of an automatic transmission as it converts torque from the engine to the transmission.

The most common symptoms that a driver will experience when the Mercedes-Benz torque converter starts to malfunction is shuddering, loss of power or the engine could stall when engaging drive or reverse.

Enduro Gearbox Centre
Enduro Gearbox Centre

Shuddering is normally a sign of a failing lock up clutch and loss of power may be caused from a broken one way clutch within the Mercedes-Benz torque converter.

A faulty torque converter can easily be remedied by fitting a reconditioned Mercedes-Benz torque converter, however torque converter failure is often incorrectly diagnosed as transmission failure.

This is where troubleshooting techniques are crucial to avoid a misdiagnosis. Mercedes-Benz torque converters are mechanical components and require the expertise of a skilled technician to do a road test to confirm whether in fact the customer complaint lies within the torque convertor. The use of the latest diagnostic equipment will not always detect faults within the torque convertor.

Our technicians at Enduro Gearbox Centre have a high level of proficiency in problem solving to accurately determine the root cause of many different Mercedes-Benz automatic transmission problems including a malfunctioning Mercedes-Benz torque converter. A speedy and accurate assessment not only minimises your downtime without a vehicle but can save you money.