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Mercedes-Benz Gearbox Transmissions

The Mercedes Benz plant for developing and producing transmission systems was founded in Gaggenau in 1894. They are proud of the fact... Read More

10 Common Transmission Warning Signs

Finding out what is wrong with your vehicle is a difficult task, usually best left to an expert, however there are warning signs and indications that anyone should notice that something is wrong. If you pick up something is wrong... Read More

Slipping Automatic Transmission Problems

Automatic transmissions should be smooth when engaging and when the gear selector is placed into drive it should feel firm. If there is a reluctance for the transmission to engage when in drive there could be... Read More

4 most common Automatic Gearbox Problems

Driving a car with an automatic gearbox is always a pleasure. Instead of having to focus on switching gears, you can enjoy the pleasures of driving but, just because you're driving a car with an automatic gearbox, doesn't mean... Read More

Manual and Automatic Transmissions

The importance of maintaining your manual and automatic transmission systems, cannot be stressed enough. Not only can this save you from expensive gearbox repairs, but teach you how to identify common symptoms of manual or auto gearbox... Read More

Transmission Repair or Replacement

Regardless of how transmissions came to be, maintaining them is of the utmost importance. Here at Enduro Gearbox Centre, we deal with problems like that every day. We repair gearboxes and transmissions of all makes and types but we also advise our customers on how to maintain their transmissions... Read More

The Benefits of Manual Transmissions

It all comes down to one question: automatic or manual transmission?

Now, certainly there are a lot of benefits owning a car with an automatic transmission but, if you're shopping on a budget, getting a car with a manual transmission is ... Read More

Lubrication Oil in Gearboxes

Without oil your car's not going anywhere. And, out of all the car parts that require oil, your transmission is probably the most important. But, when it comes to checking the oil levels in a car, most people can only manage to monitor the engine oil by checking the levels on the dipstick. And, when it comes to your transmission ... Read More

The Components of a Transmission System

The transmission in your car may not be the most important part but it certainly is integral to your car's operation. The purpose of your gearbox is to convert engine power into torque in order to propel your vehicle forward. Each type of vehicle has a different type of transmission, according to the standards and specs of whichever ... Read More