Is Your Automatic Transmission Working Correctly?

Automatic Transmission Repairs

It is undeniable that cars with an automatic transmission have become increasingly popular, as automatic transmissions are far superior in terms of the power they provide and how accurately they shift between gears. They are also generally simpler to operate, more comfortable and hold a better resale value.

Automatic transmissions are by far the most complex mechanical component in any vehicle. These transmissions are made up of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems as well as computer controls which have been developed to work in perfect harmony, which goes virtually unnoticed until you experience an automatic transmission problem.

It may seem like your automatic transmission completes straightforward tasks, but the system requires a great deal of cooperation between the many different components in order to complete the job.



Here at Enduro Gearbox Centre we pride ourselves on being one of the most reputable gearbox repair centres in the Gauteng area. All our technicians are well versed in the repairs and rebuilding of all automatic gearboxes and are able to identify faulty components which may be causing the following problems :

  • Transmission slipping
  • Rough shifts
  • Delayed engagement
  • Oil leaks
  • Transmission warning lights
  • Erratic shifting
  • Limp mode

Whether your automatic transmission requires a complete overhaul or a simple repair, we are confident that we are very capable of handling the problem.

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