Mercedes-Benz Valve Body Repairs

Enduro Gearbox Centre

Enduro Gearbox Centre offers a specialised service in Mercedes-Benz valve body repairs and are positioned as one of the leaders in the industry in repairing and rebuilding these intricate units, which are considered to be the brain of any Mercedes-Benz automatic transmission.

The Mercedes-Benz valve body is a maze-like control centre comprising of valves, springs, check balls and passageways that divert transmission fluid to the entire automatic transmission system to ensure optimal transmission performance.

A Mercedes-Benz valve body failure requires an extremely well-versed technician to work through this complex maze and successfully complete a Mercedes-Benz valve body repair or rebuild which is completely functional.

Both electronic and hydraulic operated Mercedes-Benz automatic transmissions are reliant on valve bodies.

Common signs of a failing Mercedes-Benz valve body include:

Any of these problems could indicate the need for Mercedes-Benz valve body repairs.

Enduro Gearbox Centre

Enduro Gearbox Centre offers Mercedes-Benz valve body repairs rather than replacing the valve body with a brand new one as a cost-effective solution. At Enduro Gearbox Centre all valve body repairs are are meticulously undertaken by our team of experts, you can be certain of being in the hands of one of the leaders in the industry.