Mercedes-Benz Gearbox Repairs

Enduro Gearbox Centre prides itself on being one of the most reputable Mercedes-Benz gearbox repair centres in Gauteng. All our technicians are extremely knowledgeable and well versed in the repairs of both automatic and manual Mercedes-Benz gearboxes.

Our Mercedes-Benz gearbox repair service extends to both minor and major repairs and careful attention is paid to every step involving a gearbox repair.

Manual Mercedes-Benz gearbox problems can be the result of insufficient gearbox oil, wear and tear, aggressive driving, and improper shifting.

Minor gearbox problems may go unnoticed for some time and could cause serious failure down the line. Some of the irregularities that could indicate a problematic manual gearbox include:

Our qualified technicians at Enduro Gearbox Centre can competently provide expert Mercedes-Benz gearbox repairs for manual gearboxes by following these steps:

During the gearbox repair process, worn parts like synchronisers, gears, hubs, selector forks or shafts and bearings will be replaced to provide a repair of unquestionable quality.

To prevent costly expenses on a Mercedes-Benz manual gearbox it is important to ensure correct oil levels as low oil levels account for the majority of major damage to a Mercedes-Benz manual gearbox. Other important preventative measures include oil quality and a correct operating clutch.

Due to the complexity of Mercedes-Benz automatic transmissions, it is often more viable to opt for a rebuilt Mercedes-Benz gearbox or a fully reconditioned Mercedes-Benz transmission. Both these options are discussed in depth here:

Mercedes-Benz gearbox rebuilding

Mercedes-Benz Reconditioned Transmissions

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With well over 20 years of industry experience and dedication to first-class service, you can trust our motivated repair team at Enduro Gearbox Centre to provide a long lasting Mercedes-Benz gearbox repair of unquestionable quality. To find out more get in touch with a member of our highly skilled team today.