Mercedes-Benz Gearbox Service

Investing in a scheduled and preventative Mercedes-Benz gearbox service is essential to prolong the lifespan of your automatic gearbox, saving you money in the long term.

All the major functions of your Mercedes-Benz automatic gearbox are dependent on the quality of the gearbox oil and correct gearbox oil levels. Lubrication is the lifeblood of any mechanical system.

Over a period of time, wear and tear of clutches and other moving parts may cause fine metal filings and sludge build up, which in turn causes contamination of the gearbox oil. Contaminated oil is the number one cause of many gearbox problems or even worse complete gearbox failure.

Common gearbox problems caused by contaminated oil, to mention just a few include:

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To avoid hefty gearbox repair expenses, we recommend a Mercedes-Benz gearbox service at intervals of 60 000km.

A Mercedes-Benz gearbox service consists of draining the gearbox oil, removal of the gearbox sump pan, replacing the sump gasket and filter and refilling the gearbox with the correct oil as specified by the Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Most electronic operated Mercedes-Benz automatic gearboxes may require gearbox adaptations from time to time to ensure optimal performance, which our expert technicians will take care of. They will also check that the gearbox oil level is correct as some electronic models do not have a dipstick making it difficult for owners to check their gearbox oil levels.

Getting to your technician for a Mercedes-Benz gearbox service might be an unexpected expense, but the cost will be insignificant compared to the cost of complete gearbox failure that may require a reconditioned gearbox to be fitted.