Mercedes-Benz Gearbox Rebuilding

With almost three decades of experience and technical expertise, Enduro Gearbox Centre is renowned in the industry as one of the leading Mercedes-Benz gearbox rebuilding specialists for both manual and automatic Mercedes-Benz gearboxes. Our success is as a result of ensuring that our qualified technicians remain proficient and maintain their technical competence by staying abreast with the latest developments in gearbox technological advancement.

Mercedes-Benz gearbox rebuilding is a complex process which requires advanced knowledge and technical expertise to ensure that every rebuilt automatic Mercedes-Benz gearbox is as good as new.

Rebuilding an automatic Mercedes-Benz gearbox involves removing the gearbox and completely disassembling it. Each component is individually inspected for damage or excessive wear. Rebuild kits consisting of gaskets, seals, sealing rings, drum seals and clutches are used in the process of reassembly. Other parts that are carefully examined and replaced if necessary include the primary pump, planetary gears, clutch drums and shafts.

Enduro Gearbox Centre
Enduro Gearbox Centre

When dealing with automatic Mercedes-Benz gearbox problems, it is a common occurrence to find that some part damage can be so extensive that the repair of a single component is not possible. Wear and tear can damage gears and other key components, preventing them from functioning properly. As a result, Mercedes-Benz gearbox rebuilding becomes necessary.

Enduro Gearbox Centre is a distinguished supplier of rebuilt automatic Mercedes-Benz gearboxes.

Our experience and passion for the rebuilding of automatic Mercedes-Benz gearboxes has enabled us to earn recognition as specialists in our field and we are completely confident to offer a one-year, unlimited mileage warranty on all our Mercedes-Benz gearbox rebuilding projects.