The Benefits of Manual Transmissions

Manual Transmissions
Automatic or Manual transmission

It all comes down to one question: automatic or manual transmission?
Now, certainly there are a lot of benefits owning a car with an automatic transmission but, if you’re shopping on a budget, getting a car with a manual transmission is probably better. Now, before you jump on your wagon and list all the benefits of automatic transmissions, allow us to tell you all the benefits of purchasing a car with a manual transmission.

Pay a lot less

Generally, most cars with automatic or steptronic transmissions cost more, not because they’re nicer or more luxurious but because they’re more expensive to manufacture and to maintain. Compared to a manual gearbox that consists of a case and gears that’s shifted manually, an automatic transmission consists of a valve body, a primary and secondary fuel pump and actuators that allow it to shift automatically. Components for an automatic transmission needs to be precision engineered and therefore can be far more expensive than a vehicle with a manual transmission.

Manual Transmissions Benefits

Also, manual transmissions tend to be more fuel efficient. Automatic transmissions are coupled to the engine by a torque converter instead of a rigid clutch which can cause fuel consumption to be quite costly. Buying a car with a manual transmission can save you a lot on fuel.