Manual and Automatic Transmissions

Automatic Transmissions
Manual and Automatic Transmission Systems

The importance of maintaining your manual and automatic transmission systems, cannot be stressed enough. Not only can this save you from expensive gearbox repairs, but teach you how to identify common symptoms of manual or auto gearbox problems.

Gearbox Problem Solutions

With our extensive experience and knowledge, we have honed our skills, so as to easily identify any transmission problem, whether with or without a diagnostic test. If ever you have questions on how to maintain your manual or automatic transmission, pay us a visit! Our Gearbox Centre is never shy about providing you with excellent advice and solution to your gearbox problems.

Common symptoms that indicate transmission failure:

  • If your manual or automatic transmission system refuses to go into gear and therefore lacks transmission response.
  • If any whining, mechanical clunking or humming sound emits from changing gears. – If your manual or automatic transmission system has a leak. Remember, automatic transmission fuel is vitally important to your transmission system!
  • If any grinding noise emits from changing gears on manual transmissions.
  • If any shaking occurs when trying to change gears on automatic transmissions.
  • If a burning smell emits from the car. This could be the Automatic Transmission Fuel overheating!
  • If your engine light warns you of either a manual or auto gearbox problem.
  • If your transmission system is noisy when in neutral.
  • If your clutch drags.


Specialist Gearbox Repairs

Manual or automatic transmission systems is a complex mechanical necessity in any vehicle. To the novice, it can seem overwhelming and impossible to repair. Fortunately, Enduro Gearbox Centre specialises in taking your gearbox repair problems away. Identifying the above indications can save you from costly gearbox repair costs.

Transmission Warnings

It is therefore vitally important to know when your manual and automatic transmission warns you of future failure.