Understanding A Mercedes-Benz Automatic CVT
A continuously variable transmission or Mercedes-Benz CVT is the epitome of simplicity, often praised for delivering superior fuel economy and seamless shifting. Unlike a standard automatic Mercedes-Benz transmission, the Mercedes-Benz CVT operates on a pulley system, which consists of a high-power steel belt and two variators. One variator connects to the engine, the other to the transmission and the belt transfers power between them. As a result, the gear shifts are seamless and smoother. Driving a Mercedes-Benz CVT will feel completely different to a standard automatic Mercedes-Benz transmission as the two systems are significantly different

The Mercedes-Benz CVT is limited to specific Mercedes-Benz models, listed below

· Mercedes-Benz A170 (W169)

· Mercedes-Benz A180 (W169)

· Mercedes-Benz A180 CDI(W169)

· Mercedes-Benz A200 (W169)

· Mercedes-Benz B170 (W245)

· Mercedes-Benz B180 (W245)

· Mercedes-Benz B200 CDI (W245)

· Mercedes-Benz B200T (W245)

Benefits of a Mercedes-Benz CVT

Fuel efficiency: Unlike standard automatics, the Mercedes-Benz CVT can change the gear ratio indefinitely to keep the engine running at peak efficiency. By operating on an ingenious pulley system that has a higher number of gears available, combined with an infinite variability between highest and lowest gears, resulting in significantly better fuel economy.

Effortless driving: A Mercedes-Benz CVT is fitted with an electronic component known as the transmission control module. Amongst many other functions the TCM ensures that the CVT transmission is always in the most optimal gear ratio, while adapting to your driving style and road conditions. As there are no physical gear changes taking place, the Mercedes-Benz CVT transmission shifts through gear ratios effortlessly and seamlessly.

Disadvantages of Mercedes-Benz CVT

It has a slightly ‘off’ feeling: If you’re a seasoned driver with many years of experience, the Mercedes-Benz CVT will feel strange, as if the transmission is slipping. This sensation is felt due the gear ratio changes being affected by the input and output variators. This process is much smoother than actual gear changes. For the very same reason the throttle response may feel slightly delayed compared to standard automatic transmissions.

Lack of skilled technicians: A problematic Mercedes-Benz CVT requires the expertise and experience of skilled technicians. This is one transmission that is completely different to other automatic transmissions. Enduro gearbox Centre is a distinguished supplier of Mercedes-Benz CVT transmissions. Our professional team of experts utilise the latest state-of-the art technology to correctly diagnose your Mercedes CVT problem and have the correct tools required to work on these transmissions. Only high-quality parts are used to rebuild or replace your Mercedes CVT.

Some signs that your Mercedes-Benz CVT may require repair or replacement:

· Loss of gears

· Delay when engaging

· Limp mode: stuck in one usable gear or harsh engagement

· Unusual noises

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