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Be Safe on the road this Easter!


Easter holidays are around the corner! If you’re planning on driving to your holiday destination this Easter, then you need to ensure that you’re safe and ready to enjoy your holidays.Whether you’re driving a short distance or across the country, never neglect to do all the recommended safety checks on your vehicle. A well maintained vehicle [...]

Be Safe on the road this Easter!2020-08-04T09:55:19+00:00

Common Issues with Automatic Mercedes-Benz Gearboxes


For many, the appeal of driving a Mercedes-Benz is irresistible. These impressive vehicles boast a combination of power, top-notch design and outstanding driving dynamics. Truth be told, as with any other brand, the transmission in a Mercedes-Benz experiences a lot of wear and tear, due to its complexity, constant use and function within a vehicle’s [...]

Common Issues with Automatic Mercedes-Benz Gearboxes2020-08-04T09:56:41+00:00

Slipping Automatic Transmission Problems


Automatic transmissions should be smooth when engaging and when the gear selector is placed into drive it should feel firm. If there is a reluctance for the transmission to engage when in drive there could be a problem. The same is true if the transmission slips or flares during upshift or slips when driving. The [...]

Slipping Automatic Transmission Problems2020-08-04T09:57:54+00:00

4 Most Common Automatic Gearbox Problems


Driving a car with an automatic gearbox is always a pleasure. Instead of having to focus on switching gears, you can enjoy the pleasures of driving but, just because you're driving a car with an automatic gearbox, doesn't mean that your transmission problems are over. Automatic gearboxes need maintenance and repairs, just like a manual [...]

4 Most Common Automatic Gearbox Problems2020-08-04T09:57:47+00:00
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